Audible Anniversary

Next month marks my one-year anniversary as an Audible.com subscriber. I know this because last week I received a Happy Audible Anniversary email from them, including a credit for a free book (!). Initially, I subscribed because I wanted to make better use of my commute to and from work. What I've found though, is that the books are usually so outstanding that I look forward to hopping in the car! (This brings me down though, but that's a topic for another day...)

Here's what I've heard so far (all in Unabridged format, newest to oldest):The 18th of every month is Audible Day for me (2 book credits appear & $20 is charged to my credit card), and now that Blogger is happy and cozy I'm planning to post more here about what I'm groking. Up next is Middlesex followed by The Coffee Trader, then the other 86 books in my Audible wishlist.

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