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Two years, seven months, three continents and 890 posts later, this blog is switching back to Blogger from MovableType. No, this has nothing to do the $ snafu; I just figured that a) Blogger is kicking ass again and b) I've worked on the Blogger Team at Google for over a year now, so why not?

I'm also really excited to be part of a community that's barely begun to [formally] take its first steps.
(my GAWD is this posting interface awesome... you rock CW!)
For posterity, the old site will remain available for some time, but hopefully someday an enterprising hacker will whip up some sort of import tool.

Perhaps this switch'll actually prod me into saying something here? I dunno, we'll see.


  1. Nice Eric! It's Blogalicious!

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  3. Congratulations Eric! I was curious when you'd make your move from MT. And you're so right, the posting interface is amazing.

  4. Nice site Eric. I took a look through your photo albums. The ski pics are amazing and make my local ski hills look like speedbumps!


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