Dreamhost Rocks

Periodically my web host sends out emails like this one, which just arrived:
Subject: [Announcement] Starting NOW: 60% more disk and bw on ALL PLANS!

That's pretty much all there is to it! Everybody now gets 60% more disk space and bandwidth! You don't have to do anything to get it...


And tell your friends and foes.. what a great time to switch to DreamHost. Don't worry, the new allotments are permanent!

The Happy DreamHost 1.6 Team!
So my disk quota just went from 1.6 GB to 2.56 GB, which is awesome. Alas, it's not quite enough for my 3.45 GB of photos, but still quite impressive.

Hey Kimmy & Biz—it's time to switch.


  1. Eekman, I'm ready! I just need to backup all my stuff and move on over. Plus I need to figure out all the nitty-gritties of it all. No more wasting my money with my unnamed company.

  2. 3.45 GB of storage space on Fotki - for FREE?
    How do they do that?

  3. Hi Marc - their About page explains: $30/year for unlimited storage, among other things.

    My account page there says their average user has 536512 kb (~536 megs) of photos online, while I've got 3615172 kb (~3.6 gigs). I expected to hear from somebody there once I finished uploading the lot... months later I still haven't heard from anybody, so I guess they mean it!

  4. So, if we get some converts, will Dreamhost credit the account or send a check?

  5. Jack- yep, that's how it works!