Google Doodles

If any of y'all have ever been curious about Google's holiday & event logos, check out Dennis's latest post to the GoogleBlog:
"My name is Dennis, and I'm the guy who draws the Google doodles. But the doodle tradition started here before I did. The first doodle was produced by (who else?) Larry and Sergey, who, when they attended the Burning Man festival in summer 1999, put a little stick figure on the home page logo in case the site crashed and someone wanted to know why nobody was answering the phone."


  1. WOW! Really?! I love the Google Doodles. In fact I keep a whole collection of them!!

  2. Very Cool! Dennis does some marvellous work. I actually had the honor of designing some of the early google doodles myself. Shame I never had the 'thumbs up or thumbs down' experience - it was all done over the phone back then, as I was based in Santa Monica. Check them out on google.com or on my site at www.marsdencartoons.com. All the best!