Hey Sugar

The Hungry Tiger has a great little piece about sugar and corn (the high fructose syrupy kind):
"Subsidies make [corn] so cheap that there's an enormous incentive to use it in all kinds of unsavory ways, filling processed foods with corn syrup and stuffing cows with corn silage..."

"Of course cows weren't built to subsist on grain, which means that feeding them corn makes them much more suceptible to a variety of diseases, which process is largely responsible for the routine dosing of beef and dairy cows with antibiotics..."

"And humans aren't built to have the super-digestible and otherwise valueless calories of fructose in their every food. Our good friend high-fructose corn syrup pops up all over the place: in breakfast cereal, salad dressing, "fitness drinks," hamburger buns, peanut butter, cough syrup, tomato sauce, pretzels, "nutrition bars," soups, blah blah blah blah blah."

"An intersecting problem is the US tariff on imported sugar, which not only encourages people to use corn syrup where you'd expect sugar, but also deforms a cascading series of markets in some nasty ways. The idea is that US sugar producers deserve a break -- you don't want all that fat sugar-money going overseas, do you?"
Here's the original NYTimes article linked in the above article: The (Agri)Cultural Contradictions of Obesity

Also linked in the post's comments is Richard Manning's Against the Grain, which looks quite enlightening.

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