¡Viva Flamenco!

Last night's concert at the Saratoga Mountain Winery was superb (including the weather, unlike last year). Ottmar set me up with two tickets & backstage passes, so Danah and I headed up after work for the show. They played plenty of (not-so) new tracks from La Semana as well as some oldies, and I think they closed with Santana? One particular melody embedded itself in my mind all day today, and I had to listen through my whole collection until I found it... Duende del Amor! (listen)

After the show we got to chat with the band backstage — it was my first time meeting Robby and Jon, who hooked me up with his new album.

Though the Winery has a no-camera policy, Ottmar made me promise to sneak a few shots with my Treo: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


  1. Hi Eric. Found your blog via your old Eekman.com domain. I'm married to Becky Norton, who I think you were friends with in High School. I love Blogger...you guys do a great job. Can't believe it's free! Anyway, good looking blog, which I guess is mandatory for you considering your employer!

  2. hi,

    yeah, that Ottmar dude is one cool fellow. he stopped by here in Boulder and i got to meet him in the backstage too. very deep and down-to-earth dude. cool pics.

    btw, he just started blogging on INJournals:

    that guy is a pro. thanks.