A site currently making the linkblog rounds is 10Eastern FoundPhotos:
"these were found by doing a search using p2p programs. people share their own personal digital photos in their shared folders, i guess they put them there for friends or family to download or just select their whole my documents folder as shared."
When I pulled up the site earlier today, this photo was near the top of the page:

10eastern - Tepoztlán

I recognized the place immediately—Tepozteco pyramid, Tepoztlán, México—I was there in 9/2001 and I'll never forget that climb. Surf-México describes it accurately:
"The climb is steep and arduous (the pyramid is about 600 meters above the base of the valley) and timing for the ascent depends totally upon the physical condition of the climber. It can be muddy and slippery in the rainy season and for many, difficult at the best of times."
It dawned on me there that slipping/dying probably wasn't an uncommon event. I was wearing sneakers, but Azucena (my amigovia—see comment #14) as well as most of the Mexican tourists somehow managed the trek in flip-flops!

Alas, I don't have a similar photo looking up the ladder; I recall there was quite a traffic jam of disgruntled, winded folk and I didn't want to stall it further. Fortunately some other folks have been to the same spot and posted their photos; here's one looking down the ladder:

Atop the pyramid climb, Tepoztlán

Here are my photos from the adventure; this one sums up the climb pretty well:

The Tepoztlán pyramid climb

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  1. I just wanted to drop a note to say that I really enjoyed the synchronicity implicit in your post above. There's something obnoxiously compelling about those sorts of happenstance connections . . . thanks for sharing your own. (And the final picture is incredible.)