As of 4:31pm yesterday, I've been alive for a quarter of a century.

Far out.

Oliver the cat, my precious
Weekend birthdays are great, because they're essentially a significant-enough excuse to celebrate Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Friday night my Aunt and I chatted until the wee hours, and I stayed overnight at her place so I could cuddle with my precious. She gave me Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, into which I immediately dove. Nothing intrigues me more than the opposite sex, see...

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
Saturday morning she made an amazing vege-brunch, and we played with Molly and Oliver and watched a good movie. In the afternoon Katie, Erin and I met Biz, Livia, Maggie (great pic) and Josh at Golden Gate Park in SF; we walked around, chatted, took some pictures, tossed the frisbee and ate tasty Whole Foods watermelon. Then Katie and Erin took me to Herbivore (in Ev's hood) for a to-die-for dinner... I think we were there for like three hours? Afterward, we went to Carla's place and played a group game called Celebrity, which she and her sister invented when they were kids—it's Cranium-ish but without all the discomfort and way more fun. Somebody remind me to explain the rules someday...

This morning I used Katie's laptop to check in with the usual suspects, and had a minor revelation regarding single sign-on; sigh... at least a geek can dream! </tangent> We watched a fun movie and had yummy breakfast on their deck in sunny Noe Valley.

Sushi Main Street, Half Moon Bay
For dinner, my Aunt, Sarah, Chrisann and Mark treated me to a wonderful feast at my favorite sushi restaurant in Half Moon Bay. On the ride home we were treated to what my landlords call the Valhalla Effect—the spectacular view of the cloud layer from Skyline Blvd.:

I repeat: I'm the luckiest kid in the world!


  1. Happy Birthday Eric! Looks like you celebrated in style. Did you enjoy that sunst from your place? Now that's a gift! Amazing.

    I wish I could have joined you like you did on my birthday.

    Birthdays in California rock.

  2. Belated happys.
    Sounds like it was
    enjoyed by many.
    Let's see, 25 down,
    and about 101 to go.
    Check the oil and other
    vital fluids, keep clean
    air in appropriate places
    and the machine should last about
    125. The extra one you get for
    good behavior. More to come if
    you keep it up.