Another Brick

Friday afternoon we were invited to see a Pink Floyd cover band at a bar in Hyderabad, later that evening. "An Indian Pink Floyd cover band," I wondered? This I had to see. While there, we got to chat with some other folks about Rock 'n Roll—apparently there's a huge cover band scene here. Who knew?

The group playing was great, except that the vocalist wasn't so hot with some of the more subtle tunes. We later discovered that he's the lead singer for another band, a thrash metal group. Heh.

Later on in the weekend the Sunday paper arrived, and somebody came across this article in the Society section, complete with a writeup of the show we saw. Double-heh! One funny thing about the show was the bar's layout — there was no stage. The path the servers used to get to the storage room went right through the band, so workers were constantly walking between the singer and the rest of the group carrying drinks, etc. Nobody seemed to mind...

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