Blast from the Past

Via David Rutan, here's a John Markoff piece from the 1982-09-06 edition of InfoWorld, about my Aunt and the company (RIP) she founded. That's my cousin Sarah using the Apple IIe. In email Ann said, "This article led to a contract with [an unnamed large computer company] that doubled our financial base and put us on the map." Far out!

Here are pages 1 & 2, and here's the new company she's starting.


  1. That kicks ass--I had no idea! One of my all-time favorite games, Robot Odyssey, was developed by The Learning Company! I even wrote a tribute to it on my weblog awhile back:


    If you talk to your aunt, let her know that her software had a big impact on my life!

  2. Nice to hear that Roboy Odyssey had an impact on your life, Buzz! Some high school kids developed the levels in a few weeks--awesome. We hope to do some great things like that again at LearningFriends.com. Ann

  3. Ann, keep us posted on your progress and new developments with your latest project. The world awaits!