Ladakh: Day 1

Hey, this is Biz Stone speaking italic. Eric asked me to guestblog for him and it seems he was under the mistaken impression that I was just going to publish his itinerary as it happens. Sure, I'll do that, but as long as I have all his secret codes and full access to this blog as well as all his other blogs, I might as well mix it up. So expect some drastic changes around here beginning with the template design. Kidding! I joke because I kid. It's a wonderful thing. Okay, here's Eric:

Mountains & Monasteries itinerary:

"The group arrives in Delhi and gathers in the hotel for a briefing and a rest."

Biz here again. I'm sorry but Eric's post sounds like the TiVo description for a new show on the Discovery Channel. I don't write them folks, I'm just the guestblogger. Rest assured, he probably has that big Case-adilla™ grin on his face getting ready for the adventure he's about embark upon.

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