Ladakh: Day 19

Mountains & Monasteries itinerary:

"This is a buffer day in case of flight delays getting to Delhi."

Ah, the Buffer Day. It's always good to have the Buffer Day. In fact, I propose that we replace Tuesday with Buffer Day. That way, you can struggle through Monday, take the Buffer Day to reassess, glide through hump day, work from home on Thursday, and then whew—TGIF. This is good. If we've learned anything from Eric's trek through the mountainous regions of a far away land it's the importance of having a Buffer Day. Okay, this is my last guest post. I'm done here (as soon as I paste my adsense code into all of Eric's blog templates).


  1. The Buffer Day could lead to the Buffer Week, then the Buffer Month, then the Buffer Year and, of course, the Buffer Decade. Or, perhaps, a Buffer Lifetime.
    Now that's Buffering!

  2. I am insanely jealous of your adventures. :)