Wow, it sure feels good to be back, both at home *and* at work. And yeah Biz, I did put the fire out — thanks for the guestblogging.

I just finished uploading a heap of photos to Flickr — they'll likely provide lots of blogging fodder for the forseeable future... here's the view from the top of Stok Kangri, 20,000+ feet (or 6000+ meters if you swing that way):


  1. I don't know whether envy or awe is winning out. Welcome back! And thank you so much for those photos.

    I hope you don't have too hard a time adjusting to life back in CA. I can imagine the culture (and environmental) shock would be a little extreme.

  2. I shall very much enjoy looking at the photos on Flickr, and the envy thing is definitely high here too - but I'm trying not to let it affect my enjoyment of the pictures too much!!!!