Flickr Feature Requests

I absolutely adore flickr, and thus have a number of feature requests directly proportional to my love for it. (and I'm sure Stewart *hearts* me for this — I send them his way daily.)

First, image exclusion for badges, feeds, etc. When I want to make a post here that includes an image (Napoleon, for example), I send the image to Flickr so I can link to it there. This way I don't have to deal with filenames and paths and img tags and such. (And I think an image on Flickr is better than an image not on Flickr, because it can be tagged and exist as part of a greater whole.) But as soon as the image is uploaded, it appears in Flickr badges and feeds, and might even be spliced into other feeds. Visitors and readers end up seeing the image more than once, which isn't intended. There could be a tag ("exclude" perhaps?), which when used automatically filters images from syndication, but still keeps them public. It'd also make for fun browsing.

Second, Get Code in addition to blogging. I want to use Blogger's rocking WYSIMWYG editor for composing posts, and easily copy and paste chunks of Flickr href and img code into it for adding images to those posts. Right now I tell Flickr to post them to a blogspot.com test blog, then View Source on the MuleBlog and copy and paste the relevant bits. I'd like a "Get Code" button in Flickr, which lets me pick a template then shows me the code...

Thanks gang!


  1. I don't know about exclusion on an image-by-image bases, but it will be possible to have badges which only grab photos with a specific tag (very soon).

    There isn't "get code" for the whole post, but the 'all sizes' page now gives you html to cut and paste for simple links to the image (only for your own photos).

  2. Thanks Stewart - that sorts 'em both out!