Crazy Apple Rumors, Application Upgrade Allows User To Achieve Nirvana:
"BBEdit user Matthew Sadowski achieved total nirvana earlier today after downloading, installing and using Bare Bones Software's latest upgrade to the popular text editing application. Somewhere between using the documents drawer and the built-in HTML Tidy Tool, a bright, white light bathed over Sadowski and his consciousness became one with the universe."


"'This is bullshit,' said Keith Marsh, a college buddy of Sadowski's. 'Matt used to be a great guy. He used to like to play video games and drink beer and cruise for chicks. OK, we never cruised for chicks, but he used to be fun to be around! Now it's all... "ooh, guess what the unlimited nature of existential being is?" Hell if I know.'"
Funny, I bought the upgrade as soon as I got home from India and this hasn't happened to me yet either. Sigh.

[via Daring Links]

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