City of God

City of God
Reading Asha's post on City of God reminded me that I haven't yet written about it here. She's right, the accompanying documentary will leave you more stunned than the film. (get it on Netflix). But check out what Nat Friedman did while he was Rio — upon seeing how fascinated the favela kids were at seeing themselves in his digicam's LCD, he and his hostel-mates bought every disposable camera they could find and passed them out to the kids the following morning:
"The return rate was pretty good; many of the kids were waiting in the street from 7am to noon for us to pick up their cameras. We got 26 back out of maybe 32 we handed out. This amounted to 632 photos. Many of them are excellent, especially for someone who's probably never used a camera before, and with a cheap disposable. Some are sad, some are funny."
This is similar to what Xeni did when she was in Guatemala. Check out the rest of Nat's photos.

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