Eminem 'n Apple

This email just arrived from Apple/iTunes, promoting a whole slew of Eminem stuff — the new album, the old albums, exclusive tracks, etc. This is entertaining because Eminem is currently suing Apple.

But even funnier are the broken image links in the email:

<img src="http://ibrator.apple.com/~quarkx/email/images/
emimenemail_top.jpg" alt="Eminem - iTunes New Release, Encore" height="285" width="413" border="0">

A staging server, perhaps? Does this link work for any of you folks inside Apple? Heh.


  1. Heh--uh, yeah, it appears to be working for me me (I'm in Las Vegas right now, but it appears to work when logged into VPN and not when I'm not logged in). Whoops!

  2. Eric Man...

    The Apple site doesnt seem to be accessible. BTW, check out these books:

    1. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion (by Robert Cialdini)
    2. The Tipping Point (by Malcolm Gladwell)
    3. How would you move Mt. Fuji (Poundstone)
    4. How to Drive your Competition Crazy (Guy Kawasaki)