iPod Photo

MacWorld Editors Blog, iPod Photo: Color does make a difference:
"Setting up a photo slideshow from the iPod couldn't be simpler. The slideshow settings are straightforward, allowing you to choose music to play, repeat, shuffle, transitions, etc. After you're done with the settings, plug the iPod into your TV using the included AV cables from Apple, choose your photo album and click play."
Agreed — instead of lugging my Powerbook & associated cables with me to Philly for Thanksgiving, I simply copied my India photos to my iPod and brought it instead. When I had all my unsuspecting aunts/uncles/cousins/parents/grandparents rounded up in the living room, I plugged it into the TV and showed them my month in India. Worked brilliantly.

Great work, iPod team!


  1. Wow, thats cool. Maybe I can justify the upgrade!!

  2. Great work iPod developement team, bad work iPod pricing team. I can't justify the upgrade, for only a color screen and photo playback capabilities. C'mon Apple, don't get too big for your britches.

    For $30 you can purchase a DVD player and DVD's, burn the photos to a photo DVD, and take both with you. Or if you want to go the lighweight route: for $60 you can purchase a portable DVD player the size of the DVD itself, and bring that.

    Of course the argument will be, "But the iPod is so small and cute, and can do so many things." I digress.