iTunes Wishlist

Ever since the iTMS launched I've been wanting a way to queue up music, Amazon wishlist-style, for purchase later. I'm not always in the mood to buy/hear new music, but with a wishlist I could at least keep track of 'stuff to check out' should the mood strike. With each successive iTunes release I've wondered to myself, "where the heck is that wishlist feature?!"

Turns out it's been there for a year and a half. I was expecting it to be server-side, a button or setting somewhere in the store's interface, but it's actually a preference you must enable:

iTunes Preferences

That's just backward. Wishlists/queues should be server-side, centrally hosted, syndicatable and externally-linkable. David Galbraith suggests more...


  1. Eric Man,

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  2. As a different approach, I created a new Playlist called "Wish List", and just dragged songs that I wanted to purchase onto it. Works like a charm, and you can buy individual songs, instead of everything in your cart.

  3. Thanks Daryl - that's a great tip!


  4. Daryl! That so totally rocks!!

    I thought I was a fairly proficient iTunes user and I'm so happy to find a new capability.

    Thanks again,