My Sister is Hilarious

She's in Barcelona right now studying Spanish, and is apparently feeling the 'gosh I need to blog more' pain. Here's her latest update. These two bits had me cracking up:
"We recently saw “Shall we Dance” with Richard Gere, J. Lo, and Susan Sarandan. This was indeed a great chick flick and the dancing! I am now interested in ball room dancing, so if any males are known of that want to be my dancing partner, let me know! I am available, I don’t know how to dance, I’m great fun, and of course will be back in the United States in late December."
"So, that is a tiny update of the happenings of Natalie in the BCN. Of course lots more happens, but shit, I am out doing things, I haven’t been blogging. You can all sleep well tonight, SHE’S BACK AND BLOGGING."
See you at Christmas, Nat. :)