Been there!

I always get a kick out of seeing pictures of places I've visited, but with more and more folks sharing photos on the web, I'm increasingly finding that I've taken almost the exact same shot as somebody else.

For example, this photo of Berlin from Una Knox:

Berlin photo

Here's mine, from October, 1999:

Berlin, 1999/10/09

Another one from Pushkar Phatak, of Chicago at night from an airplane:

Here's mine, from November, 2002:

Chicago from above

Then there's Blogger user Engst's shot from the Communist Statue Park near Budapest:


And mine, of Chandler, from April, 2000:

Chandler, near Budapest

Update, 2008/06/24: my friend Chase posted some similar thoughts.


  1. Interesting! These pictures are rather similiar. Are you sure you didn't have a mind connection or perhaps, a secret twin out there?

  2. LOL!

    Thanks for reposting my photo =)

    I'm writing more about this on my blog:
    Hi, Vedana-Eric!Friendly

  3. i think this is 1st time iam bloggin and those pics were crtnly height of coincidence.