Mad Props

I spent most of the weekend working on a site for my cousin Sarah. These tools made the process way easier than it used to be:


  1. I understand that BBEdit has a large following, but after trying if for a few months, I was thirsty for something different. I didn't know what the "different" was that I needed, I just knew I needed to move on. It's like love that has died, you try to stick with it, but it's always better just to let it go.

    I searched for a few days, and eventually stumbled upon SubEthaEdit, and I haven't looked back. Lightweight, quick load time, and best of all, they haven't disregarded OS X's standard shortcut keys (BBEdit changed the default Hide Application command).

    A feature you might appreciate is side by side editing of HTML vs. it's browser rendering. I know BBEdit has this feature, but it's clunky. SubEthaEdit offers different rendering modes (real time, delayed, manual, etc...).

    Have a spare hour? Give it a spin.

  2. Thanks Erik — I'm a huge fan of SubEtha too; I use it every now and then for stuff. Biz uses it a ton too.