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More whale

Surfpulse reports on the whale carcass Bethany and I encountered at Pillar Point (Mavericks) this weekend:
"A large whale carcass washed up on the beach that's inside of the lagoon at Maverick's on the evening/morning of Saturday/Sunday, December 11/12, 2004..."

"All of the surfers left the water on Saturday when they realized that several white sharks were feeding on the dead whale that was drifting towards the peak from the north. Overnight, the carcass made its way into the lagoon, and it washed up onto the east end of the beach, at the foot of the breakwater by Sunday morning. Besides the strong, unpleasant odor on the beach, the dead whale is likely to be attracting more sharks than usual to the area."
[via Coastsider]


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    Check this wierd story out: pom.edu/Videos/whale.htmlThe Video available here: pom.edu/Videos/whale-avi.aviCheers,