It's Powerbook Time

MacMinute: Apple unveils faster, more affordable PowerBooks

Ordered: 15", 100GB HD, Combo drive

Curiously, an $8 "recycling fee" was tacked on to the final order, and fortunately it was linked to this page on Apple's site:

The State of California launched the nation’s first electronic waste recycling program on Jan. 1, 2005, and Apple wants its customers to understand how this landmark legislation affects their purchases.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2005, the Electronic Waste Recycling Act of 2003 (SB 20 and SB 50) requires that customers pay a small fee on some electronics purchases to cover the cost of recycling and disposal.

Thanks Mom!

I just sent this to my Mom:
Hi Mom,

Biz is in the midst of having a boatload of painful dental work done...

There Was Much of This

Thank you for being a tooth-brushing nazi. :)




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Dom and I had a splendid time surfing this morning at Linda Mar.

MacGyver the Puppy

MacGyver the Puppy
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Dom 'n Mer just got MacGyver today at the Dog Show, and I was fortunate enough to witness the all the ups, downs, discussions and deliberations that finally led to his joining their family. Congrats D & M!

Fresh PaulG

Paul Graham's latest essay is, as always, outstanding.

A few quotables:
"Hanging out with friends is like chocolate cake. You enjoy it more if you eat it occasionally than if you eat nothing but chocolate cake for every meal."
"Treating high school as a day job might actually make it easier for some students to get good grades. If you treat your classes as a game, you won't be demoralized if they seem pointless."
Enjoy: What You'll Wish You'd Known


AdWords API

The rumors were true — Nelson's project launched! It's neat to see that they're doing a blog for it, like the Picasa team.

Shellen 2.1!

Huge congrats to the Shellens — Miles Jay was born today!

On Malaria

First, a post from Mike linking to a PDF: A Story To Be Shared: The Successful Fight Against Malaria in Vietnam

Then Deltoid: DDT and the Tsunami


Everybody Should Be Using Firefox

Asa Dotzler: "...people want to use a Web browser and not be used by it. They want to get their work done without interruptions from adware and spyware. They want a cleaner and faster Web experience. They want a more capable tool; it's that simple."



It's Intense

Rands in Repose: "This is hard because this is the Silicon Valley and no one knows what happened two months ago... GOOGLE IPO THEN IPOD PHOTO THEN CHRISTMAS, RIGHT? DID I MISS ANYTHING IMPORTANT? IS TIGER OUT YET?"

... as important as the Constitution

Steven Frank: "Finally, just to remind you that you are still reading a blog, here is a picture of my dog."

Steven's dog




Sweet, I finally convinced my friend Brian Narelle to set up a Flickr account! He's a cartoonist, screenwriter and author (among other things). He was stoked to see Creative Commons in Flickr, so hopefully he'll continue adding to its ever-growing cartoon pools.


Leveraging Synergy!

Best quote from the SixApart/LiveJournal news:
"We feel that there's a lot of synergy between our two companies and we both benefit from this relationship by bringing a lot of value-add to the table. By focusing on our core competencies we can continue to provide robust, turn-key, industry-leading solutions while also lowering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to our valued clients."


MacWorld bloggers lunch

Each year Shellen arranges a wee lunch for bloggers attending MacWorld SF. This year's no different, and a few of us from Blogger are coming along too. Here are the details:

When: Tuesday, January 11th, 12:30pm
Where: Meet at the top of the South Hall stairs at Moscone Center

Hopefully the weather will be nice, and we can walk to Specialty's for lunch.

See you then!


60 Minutes of Blogger

My cube on 60 minutes

The BloggerAshram got some serious airtime on the 60 Minutes Google feature; my current desk is just to the left of the beanbag chair. Other photos (courtesy of Mai):
Biz also has a wee writeup.