How Shuffle Works

Steven Levy:
"... when an iPod does a shuffle, it reorders the songs much the way a Vegas dealer shuffles a deck of cards, then plays them back in the new order. So if you keep listening for the week or so it takes to complete the list, you will hear everything, just once. But people generally listen only to the first few dozen songs. In theory, that sample should be evenly distributed among all the artists and albums in their collections."
I'm totally sold on the iPod ShuffleDom brought his on our Squaw road trip yesterday and it was way cool. He wears it snowboarding too, which I wanna try some day.


  1. I bit today. After calling Apple retail stores for the past month, Dom spilled the beans about the Best Buy connection... They have them. Yes, right now. I'll be sporting the shuffle tomorrow on the slopes.

  2. you computer geeks, I was wondering if you know whether shuffle plays the same song twice, before going over the entire playlist?

  3. Nope, I don't think it does. I've certainly never heard a repeat while using it...