It's Powerbook Day!

Gosh, it's been a while...

Because I'm a geek, here's a list of everything I'm installing:


  1. Congrats, Eric!

    May I recommend Quicksilver instead of Launchbar (and even iSeek perhaps). Also, to keep tabs on your PB's performance, take a glance at iPulse. Always on, recently updated.

    Sadly, I note that you have failed to mention Dreamweaver. Tisk.

  2. Ya, I use QS, too. And just started using Pathfinder, which is pretty sweet..

  3. Interesting choice of outboard apps.

    I'm sold on Dragthing as an alternate Dock and launcher, but it works best with lots of screen real estate. Firefox is great, but I'm using Omiweb on my G5 and Opera on my longsuffering 300 MHz iBook. Apple should buy Transmit. A decent FTP client is a grevious oversight in Apple's otherwise-generous suite of supplied OS x apps.

    Congrats on the new PB. I'll have to follow you soon.

  4. I suggest Growl. goes well with Adium and Synergy.

    (full disclosure: I'm a developer on both Growl and Adium. :)