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Marc Brown asks a few questions about Blogger's commenting system; here are some answers.
"Can someone explain why when i post a comment on a Blogspot blog, I need to use my 'blogger profile' rather than just link directly to my blog."
This is up to the blog owner. The Settings | Comments tab lets the user select who can comment; the "Anyone" setting means you get to enter your name and URL.

Blogger comments

"And now that i'm stuck with my Blogger profile, why is that page so wack? Here is my User Profile. First off, you are limited to a 50k jpg image for your profile, and the URL has to be less than 68-characters in length (and they dont' even host it)"
These are both bugs of which we're already aware, and will be fixed soon.
"At least let me put my RSS stream from Buzznet on it."
This is an excellent idea; I'll pass it along to the team.
"How come the only blogs that show up are Blogger driven blogs?"
Because this is your Blogger Profile. And because info about those blogs comes straight from Blogger's database — there's no way Blogger could know those details from another blogging system. There is a field, however, where you can enter your blog's URL:

Blogger profile editor
"Blogger should definately allow a little more customization of this page after all, this is way cooler than my TypeKey profile page (i'm not even sure where that page lives)."
Indeed. It's a tough call though, deciding where to devote engineering resources in cases like this (enhancing functionality that's "good enough" vs. building awesome new stuff — the old commenting system was definitely not good enough).
"Back to my blogger profile, I dunno what the "piles of wood" entries are about, somehow that blog has left the building."
Those posts will go away once we re-enable post stat collection. They're currently disabled for database performance reasons.

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  1. Eric, thanks for the quick response. I think feeds from other (non-blogger) blogs would be excellent. And i've got a few URL's like ideally like to link from my profile (blogblogblog.com and marc.buzznet.com, etc...) --- i use Blogger for so many of my friend's blogs, but sadly not any of my own.

    BTW -- you guys have done a great job w/ the commenting, didn't realize that it was a new version, but it did seem more seamless...