Next week Biz, Goldman and I are heading down to Monterey for TED, to represent the B. I'm really excited — it'll be my first time attending, and I hear the schwag bag is fully stocked. It's a shame their whole site is in Flash, else I'd link to the awesome Speaker list and schedule.

If you'll be there, look for the big orange B and say Hi.


  1. Are you attending this one?

    The extraordinary speaker line-up includes:

    Sir Martin Rees, cosmologist and futurist
    Sasa Vucinic, media vsionary
    Philippe Starck, internationally-known designer
    Richard Dawkins, the biologist behind The Selfish Gene, and "memes"
    Eve Ensler, playwright of "The Vagina Monologues"
    Steven Levitt, award-winning economist
    Peter Donnelly, Oxford statistician and leading thinker on cognition
    Peter Diamandis, space visionary, creator of the X-Prize
    Alan Cooper, professor of Ancient Molecules at Oxford
    Aubrey de Grey, Cambridge computer scientist and innovative thinker on aging
    Kari Stefansson, founder of DeCode Genetics
    Craig Venter, genomics pioneer
    Juan Enriquez, author of "How the Future Catches You"
    Jacqueline Novogratz, charismatic pioneer of a new 'market-based' philanthropy
    Steven Pinker, the evolutionary psychologist who wrote "How the Mind Works"
    Dan Gilbert, leading Harvard psychologist and expert on "happiness"
    Malcolm Gladwell, author of the "The Tipping Point" and "Blink"
    Ze Frank, "the funniest man on the Internet"

  2. Holy crap... that looks like such an amazing conference! Can you, uh, get your blog fans guest passes? :D

  3. (btw, when I first saw the "TED" mention I wondered... what the heck is Blogger.com doing in the context of a discount airline conference?)

  4. I am assuming you have no idea how expensive this conference is.
    Plus- (and I love this)
    Attendance is by invitation only.