Thursday Geekery
"Since we moved to our new offices in Soma, Odeo has managed to attract non-employees who come over to hang out. Thursdays seem to be the big day. The office fills up with geeks squatting our couches. They're escaping from the commute down to silicon valley to various large unnamed companies."
Heh, Biz and I are actually commuting up.


Sorry, couldn't resist!

And, of course, Matt's response.


Kevin Fox:
"The game is a long one, my friends. In the end of course the users win either way. Like two farmhands vying for the love of a girl, no matter which one emerges victorious, the lady's got a lot of flowers."
(Regarding this)



Matt Haughey:
"In this year's money-ified etech, Joshua from delicious seemed like the last unfunded, unincorporated guy with a great idea and he was the belle of the ball. I saw him get mobbed after every talk, surrounded by what appeared to be VC types."



Wes Felter: "I wonder if Greasemonkey could be used to replace the new Yahoo Groups UI with the old one?"

(GM and its blog are written by our very own Señor Boodman)

Hackers & Macs

Paul Graham, Return of the Mac:
"When it comes to computers, what hackers are doing now, everyone will be doing in ten years. Almost all technology, from Unix to bitmapped displays to the Web, became popular first within CS departments and research labs, and gradually spread to the rest of the world."



BlingBling: A Directory of Wonderful Ads
"Boing Boing is obviously doing well. They’ve got — depending on how you count — between nine and nineteen ad slots, all of them filled. They’re the NASCAR of the weblogging world. And, hey, great. Good for them."
Biz totally saw this coming...


Cycling to San Diego

"30-odd miles later, I'd arrived at the almost-quality Hampton Inn on Ocean Street. My first day was done. I was craving Thai food. I walked to the Thai House, an old haunt, and was amused by the curious and sympathetic looks I got from fellow diners who noticed me: girl, eating alone, Saturday night. Odd, to be sure. But the pad thai was stellar."


Dub Conspiracy

Dub Conspiracy
If I was gonna be in Australia, April 22-24, I'd definitely be going to one of these shows. Salmonella Dub is one of my favorite bands, but sadly they've never toured in North America. Just NZ and Ozzie, with the occasional European jaunt.


Odeo @ Etech

If you'd like to hear what Odeo's all about, check out Matt's ogg of Ev's talk. Shellen posted an mp3 of it here.

Driving Ms. Natalie

My sister's driving across the country right now, moving from Ohio to California (much like I did back in 12/2002). She posted from Albuquerque about a few things she's seen along the way:
  • The World's Most Awesome Flea Market
  • The Pig Out Palace
  • Billboards of Note:
    Jesus Saves. Isn't it time for Jesus?
    Jesus Saves. Thrifty Jesus.


Ben Brown: "We live in the future."

Google Code

Gosh, it must be Code Week or something at Google. My & Steve's project launched Monday on the Google Blog:
"We just pushed an updated version of Blogger's Atom API live, and wanted to post about it here to spread the word... In addition, we've re-launched the Blogger Developers Network (feed), as well as the moderated, companion BloggerDev discussion list."
Then today, DiBona's project launched:
"We're very happy to be launching code.google.com today. To begin, we're releasing some developer-oriented libraries and tools... We're also featuring links to all current Google APIs. Come check them out and if you'd like more information, please join our group, subscribe to our feeds, or if you're shy, email us directly. And happy coding!"
[also posted to Blogger Buzz]


Goldman: "SXSW is Spring Break for dorks."

Bruce Sterling: "According to my design students, who itch to go there, SXSW Interactive is a distant, impossibly hip imbroglio where the pixelized crème de la crème is pushing the avant-garde hard enough to dent it. I never knew that before; when I lived in Austin, I naturally assumed that SXSW Interactive was some kind of overgrown geek accident."

Me: "SXSW is TED for the proles."

Hacking the Planet

Wes Felter (whom I had the pleasure to meet at SXSW):
"I have to sort of admire the way Bram Cohen's fame just keeps increasing despite the fact that he totally dodges about half the questions in interviews. This morning he informed us that the media distribution business is just going to go away, then the telcos are going away right after that. Bram is sure that new business models for media will emerge, but he doesn't know or care what they are, since he doesn't watch TV."


Google X!

This is so, so cool: http://labs.google.com/googlex/

Here's the GoogleBlog post about it.

Update: Ack! It appears to have been taken down, but fortunately somebody's running a mirror.


South by Southwest

I'm in Austin until Tuesday with a few other Blogger folk — we're here for SXSW 2005. Biz posted to the still-fresh Blogger Buzz about it:
"Jason Goldman is on a panel called Blogging Showdown, danah boyd will be talking about How to Leverage Decentralized Social Networks, and Chris Wetherell will be starring in The Flash vs. HTML Game Show—sure to be an instant hit. Be sure to check those out if you're headed to the geek portion of SXSW this year."
If you're in town too, drop by Club DeVille Monday night for Blogger's party, 6:30-8:30pm.

Why the Web Rocks

Wired on the Wikipedia:
"When the Indian Ocean tsunami erupted late last year, Wikipedians produced several entries on the topic within hours. By contrast, World Book, whose CD-ROM allows owners to download regular updates, hadn't updated its tsunami or Indian Ocean entries a full month after the devastation occurred. That's the likely fate of Wikipedia's proposed stable, or snapshot, version. Fixing its contents in a book or on a CD or DVD is tantamount to embalming a living thing. The body may look great, but it's no longer breathing."
Harsh, but true.



Whether or not it's true, this is brilliant:
"I parked myself in Murky VA, my lackluster de facto “third place,” and opened up iTunes. Before I hopped on Bassdrive or another streaming station I had a look at the sole shared iTunes music library in a sea of PowerBooks: maria’s music. I browsed. What a f***ing music collection. Not in size, not that many albums really. But content-wise, things I’ve not seen outside of, well, my collection..."

"It had to belong to the girl with dark hair by the counter. I saw her when I got my coffee. Took note, lovely. Her. Her?"

"Nonetheless, I shared my empty library out under the name maria i sweat your music collection <3..."

"A conversation began, conducted solely by library title, and it continued for the next couple of hours..."
Biz just commented that Apple needs to build rendezvous chatting directly into iTunes...

[via iPodLounge]



"At this point, I find myself just visiting the Apple store out of habit, and throwing things like the iSight in my cart because it seems like I need a complete set. (And because its got that cool magnet that lets you stick it to the top of your cinema display.) But what will that lead to? Who knows? I'm not even sure what the iSight is for!"
Hah! All I did was lend him my old iBook...


Mavericks is on!

For locals:
"The Mavericks Surf Contest begins Wednesday. According to the company press release, twenty-four of the world's best big wave surfers will compete, including three-time contest winner Darryl "Flea" Virostko, Tow-In Surfing World Champion Garrett McNamara, and Peter Mel, long-time Mavericks legend. There is an article about the event in today's Santa Cruz Sentinel, which was written before it was certain it would take place."

[via Coastsider]