Whether or not it's true, this is brilliant:
"I parked myself in Murky VA, my lackluster de facto “third place,” and opened up iTunes. Before I hopped on Bassdrive or another streaming station I had a look at the sole shared iTunes music library in a sea of PowerBooks: maria’s music. I browsed. What a f***ing music collection. Not in size, not that many albums really. But content-wise, things I’ve not seen outside of, well, my collection..."

"It had to belong to the girl with dark hair by the counter. I saw her when I got my coffee. Took note, lovely. Her. Her?"

"Nonetheless, I shared my empty library out under the name maria i sweat your music collection <3..."

"A conversation began, conducted solely by library title, and it continued for the next couple of hours..."
Biz just commented that Apple needs to build rendezvous chatting directly into iTunes...

[via iPodLounge]

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