South by Southwest

I'm in Austin until Tuesday with a few other Blogger folk — we're here for SXSW 2005. Biz posted to the still-fresh Blogger Buzz about it:
"Jason Goldman is on a panel called Blogging Showdown, danah boyd will be talking about How to Leverage Decentralized Social Networks, and Chris Wetherell will be starring in The Flash vs. HTML Game Show—sure to be an instant hit. Be sure to check those out if you're headed to the geek portion of SXSW this year."
If you're in town too, drop by Club DeVille Monday night for Blogger's party, 6:30-8:30pm.


  1. I'm sorry for such a random comment, but by any chance do you know Chris Werner from Woodside, CA?

  2. Ahh man! I just came from there awhile ago to. You should have them on the East Coast (perhaps Wash. D.C.)

    Well...this is kinda random so I'll stop... ;)

  3. It was great to meet you
    thanks for the wicked party

    If you want some pics they should be up on my buzznet account laters

    keep up the good work