Apple's got a page up listing 200 new Tiger features. These have me stoked:
  • Dashboard: Access mini-applications called Widgets with just the touch of a key — everything from a calculator and stock tracker to weather report and address book.
  • Dashboard Widget: Enjoy instant access to any contact in your Address Book directly from Dashboard.
  • Calculator Widget: Perform basic calculations right from the Dashboard with the Calculator Widget.
  • Enhanced Dock Menu: Quickly set an application or document to open automatically when you login to your Mac — straight from the Dock.
  • Stock Widget: Track your favorite international and domestic stocks and mutual funds, featuring current prices, charts and more.
  • Translation Widget: Translate words and phrases instantly between 11 different languages right from your Dashboard.
  • World Clock Widget: Check local time anywhere in the world or open multiple World Clock widgets for different time zones.
  • DVD Player Bookmarks: Bookmark favorite moments of a DVD for quick access later on.
  • Finder Slideshow: Quickly create full-screen slideshow of any selected images directly from the Finder.
  • iCal Events and System Menu Clock: View upcoming appointments directly from the date and time system menu.
  • Birthday Calendar: Always know the birthdays of everyone in your Address Book with this automatic calendar in iCal.
  • iChat / Jabber Support: Access friends and colleagues in the Jabber IM network from iChat AV.
  • iChat / Switch to: Quickly switch to different iChat accounts (AIM or Jabber) with just a few clicks.
  • Wireless Image Capture: Wirelessly import images from camera-equipped cellphones via Bluetooth or next-generation digital cameras via WiFi.
  • Mobile Home Directories: Centrally manage the home directories of your portable Mac clients and yet allow each user online and offline access from the office and the road.
  • Secure WebDAV: Get support for the Kerberos and https protocol when accessing WebDAV volumes.
  • VPN On Demand: Automatically establish a VPN connection when a firewall protected service is used for specific domains.
  • Image Keywords: Add, remove and modify keywords for images in Preview.
  • Archive a Web Page: Save the HTML and images for the current web page on your hard drive with just a few clicks. (a few weeks ago, Tantek and I were chatting about IE5/Mac's 5-year anniversary, and how this feature was still missing from modern browsers...)
  • Inline PDF Viewing: View PDF documents directly in a Safari browser window — no other application required.
  • .Mac Keychain Sync: Keep your keychain fully in sync across your different Macs using your .Mac account.
  • Integrated Sync Services: Get more from the improved Sync: faster performance, a simpler interface, and an extensible architecture that lets other developers tap into the Sync engine.
  • iTunes Album Art Screen Saver: Display album art from your iTunes music collection as a fun, ever-changing mosaic screen saver.
Stuff for which I'm not so stoked:
  • Spotlight Find: Search all of your documents, images, emails and applications and view the results literally as fast as you can type in search words. (pretty much everything I do is server/web-based...)
  • Buy Printing Supplies: Easily purchase supplies for your printer right from Mac OS X Tiger. (Printing? What's that?)
  • Safari RSS View: View RSS news feeds for your favorite websites directly in Safari — no external news reader required. (IMHO, client-side aggregators need web-based counterparts, or at the very least sync)
  • Mail (I stopped using this a year ago...)
Stuff I still want to see:
  • Tabs in iChat, like Adium