More Friedman

A bit more Friedman-teasing, this time from Mike in Saigon:
"I personally don't remember Alden Pyle boring Thomas Fowler with endless metaphors and nonsensical analogies. I just can't imagine Alden Pyle ever saying, 'I was sitting there at the Hotel Continental when the waitress asked me if I wanted another Pepsi or perhaps some green tea. And then it hit me, Pepsi and green tea together on the same menu! Yes, here was a young Vietnamese woman asking me, a Westerner, if I wanted Pepsi OR a green tea. East could meet West. Green tea meet Pepsi. And that's when it hit me. America could win in Vietnam if we just understood that.'"


I See That Your Schwartz Is As Big As Mine

Star Wars III was great — loved it! Went with Biz, Livia, Steve and Natalie, courtesy of El Goog.


Apple and the Web

Om writes:
"I mean by now Apple should have integrated all the music recommendation services into iTunes and enhanced the value of the software, instead of pushing its lame matching service in the iTunes store. Apple in that sense doesn’t really get the whole social networking/open media thing, despite being a preferred platform of choice of “open media” practitioners."
Agreed. I wrote about this back in February.


Mike from Saigon

No Star Where: "All of my housemates blog except the Australian couple but apparently the dingo ate their computer so they can't. You can read my housemates blogs over their on yer left. Linda, UpsideGone, and Alison."

Also see: Mike's latest photos on Flickr.


Why Jerry?

Sacked out

Scene: a bbq with some friends

Nick: Great dog! What's his name?
Me: Jerry, after Jerry Garcia (knowing Nick would appreciate)
Nick: That's perfect! He's totally a Jerry. How'd you pick it?
Me: When I first got him from WonderDog, "Petey" was his name. On the way home, I was trying to think of a better name for him, which still sounded close to Petey. A Dead song came on the iPod and that settled it — "Jerry"
Nick: Nice! Which song was it?
Me: Um, damn. Can't remember.

A few days later when I had the iPod plugged in, I saw a "Last Played" column in iTunes. Bingo!

Grateful Dead -> Reckoning -> Rosa Lee McFall

Have a listen.


del.icio.us blog:
Koty"In the interest of increasing communication with our users, i've decided launch ourselves into the blogosphere and begin a corporate blog. We'll talk about del.icio.us, upcoming features, site status and cat pictures. We also will be using it as a showcase for our coming blog integration tools and to highlight some of the great stuff people have done with the API."
(emphasis mine)

Excellent! The more pet pictures on the web, the better the world becomes.



Paul Graham: "On the Internet, anything genuinely good will spread by word of mouth."

AJAX, a conversation

SteveJ: "Hey Eric, can you Admin me on ______ blog?"

Me: Sure. <pulls up blog, admins SteveJ>

Me: Woah, blog-members.g didn't refresh when I clicked that checkbox. It's totally AJAX!

SteveJ: Yep, and it has been for 5 years. Back then they called it DHTML.



"Web 1.0 Summit: Merlin's Garage, San Francisco"

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After buying and returning like 5 different wifi adapters over the past few months, I finally scored the right one for my TiVo from TheNerds.net, via Froogle. In an unfortunate accident of bad timing, these all transpired to thwart my efforts:
  • Cancelled my landline for Vonage; TiVos don't work over VoIP
  • 802.11b USB adapters disappeared from store shelves, in favor of faster 802.11g models
  • TiVo rolled out its 7.1 upgrade, which is required for 802.11g adapters
Having no landline meant either lugging the thing to the nearest phone line to upgrade, or holding out for a USB/802.11b adapter. This proved more difficult than one would think, because none are apparently available in retail — Fry's of all places was out of stock, as was Amazon.

Buzz had similar problems.

TiVo — you seriously need to just build wifi into your deals...


Good Morning Silicon Valley

I'm glad to see that GMSV has finally moved into blogdom, complete with real permalinks and comments. Now you can actually link to posts!

Audible Feeds

Audible.com now has RSS feeds, which is cool, and they're powered by FeedBurner. I'm an Unabridged purist however, so I'd love to see unabridged-only feeds.

The descriptions are also too short — they should include full descriptions and ratings, which are the things I look at before deciding to buy one.

Flight Tracking

Status of my sister's ORD-SFO flight, courtesy of Dashboard:



Om on Blogs

Om Malik:
"One of the main reasons people started turning away from network/broadcast television to niche cable networks is because of the homogenous, brain dead presentation and uniformity of content. I see exactly the same thing happen today. Look at Yahoo News site today - it has gone gold after being in beta for two weeks. It resembles like any other online news site, the content is generic news wire copy, though there are includes from other news sources like Forbes and Marketwatch..."

"Back out News.com’s columnists, and you have a pretty similar content - much of it from online news sites relying on Reuters, AP and other generic information sources. I think this is perhaps one of the reasons why blogs are taking off - more focused and colorful content."