After buying and returning like 5 different wifi adapters over the past few months, I finally scored the right one for my TiVo from TheNerds.net, via Froogle. In an unfortunate accident of bad timing, these all transpired to thwart my efforts:
  • Cancelled my landline for Vonage; TiVos don't work over VoIP
  • 802.11b USB adapters disappeared from store shelves, in favor of faster 802.11g models
  • TiVo rolled out its 7.1 upgrade, which is required for 802.11g adapters
Having no landline meant either lugging the thing to the nearest phone line to upgrade, or holding out for a USB/802.11b adapter. This proved more difficult than one would think, because none are apparently available in retail — Fry's of all places was out of stock, as was Amazon.

Buzz had similar problems.

TiVo — you seriously need to just build wifi into your deals...


  1. BTV — the TiVo is hooked up to my G5 via a Sony DVMC.

    BTV is the (buggy and out of date) video player I use...


  2. uhh - so wait, your TiVo now dials through your wireless connx?

  3. Yep. It's the only way to go. Who needs phone lines anymore? ;)