Why Jerry?

Sacked out

Scene: a bbq with some friends

Nick: Great dog! What's his name?
Me: Jerry, after Jerry Garcia (knowing Nick would appreciate)
Nick: That's perfect! He's totally a Jerry. How'd you pick it?
Me: When I first got him from WonderDog, "Petey" was his name. On the way home, I was trying to think of a better name for him, which still sounded close to Petey. A Dead song came on the iPod and that settled it — "Jerry"
Nick: Nice! Which song was it?
Me: Um, damn. Can't remember.

A few days later when I had the iPod plugged in, I saw a "Last Played" column in iTunes. Bingo!

Grateful Dead -> Reckoning -> Rosa Lee McFall

Have a listen.

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