An Update from the Wilderness

Betsey, from the PCT:
"My heels have been completely annihilated - I've tried everything - tape, bandaids, compeds, duct tape, superglue, new skin, and still the blisters come. When my dogs are really barking I take up to 12 ibuprofen/tylenol a day."


Holy Hotness!

Google Maps API.

Let the (sanctioned) mashing-up commence!


Google Earth / Mac

Update: Get Google Earth Mac here.

Google Earth.

From the download page:
"Apple Macintosh computers are not supported at this time (but we are working on it)."


More from Wil

The man simply has a way with words:
"There's another fact you should know at this point, which is that nerds are not, inherently, asexual. We don't have much success with women, but that doesn't mean we are immune to their charms. Quite the opposite. We fall under such a spell that we are unable to function, and this renders us so unattractive that it creates a self-perpetuating cycle of desperate singlehood."
So. True.

On Software Piracy

Wil Shipley:
"Nowadays, I won't steal software even if someone offers it to me and I am just about to buy it. I'd rather (a) have the manual, (b) reward the author, (c) spread the love, (d) get the karma, (e) get a discount on the next upgrade, (f) know I have the latest version, (g) get tech support, (h) not wonder if it has viruses, (i) be able to re-install from the CD (or net) if needed, (j) not get fined $50,000 per piece of software on my laptop if a disgruntled ex-employee tells the BSA on me."
Me too.

[via Michael Tsai]


Steve Jobs Inspiration Roundup

Your choice: read, listen or watch.


Pet Photos

The Bruce.

This was *so* going to be Jerry, but we decided (for the launch) to go with Bruce because of the whole cat/blog thing. Sigh.

Goodbye Jot, Hello Backpack

I've been using a JotSpot wiki for a while now, to keep track of various projects, to-dos, articles to read, etc., but recently moved everything to Backpack to give it a go. Though I adore wikis, for me Backpack's speedy ajax (read: inline editing) won over JotSpot's feature-richness. Editing a page in JotSpot just took way too long, because you've gotta load the whole javascript wysiwyg thing just to do simple editing.

Then today, I broke down and upgraded to Backpack Plus — I simply needed more pages. I'd been cramming stuff into the free account's 5 pages but this morning it just got ridiculous. Congrats 37Signals — you found the freebie -> premium feature sweetspot!

(I would have opted for the Basic plan, but wanted SSL)

Don't get me wrong though, Jot definitely rocks, but it's just overkill for the way I was using it. It's an entire application platform, not a to-do tracker.

Update: Hehe. (1, 2)





(Derek Powazek has a great writeup)


Whole Foods

Fantastic writeup on Whole Foods from Fast Company: The Anarchist's Cookbook


"Giving Up On Books"

Steve Leveen:
When I interview people about their reading and ask, “Do you give up on a book you don’t like?” people usually get a pained expression and say something like, “Well I’d like to be able to give up. I should give up. But I find it hard to.”

Ring a bell? It’s the reading equivalent of the clean-your-plate syndrome...

The wisdom of giving up on books is compelling. New York University professor Atwood H. Townsend wrote in his Good Reading: A Helpful Guide for Serious Readers, “Never force yourself to read a book that you do not enjoy. There are so many good books in the world that it is foolish to waste time on one that does not give you pleasure and profit.”
I've been getting better at this — recently I passed on Earthwalk, Wilber's The Marriage of Sense and Soul, and Fabric of the Cosmos. Sadly though, two of these were audiobooks I actually purchased yet couldn't bring myself to finish. Oh well.

Several years ago, when I was traveling and doing lots of meditating, these would have been more appealing. No longer, however. These days I either want to be entertained while I'm commuting, or be learning about things relevant to my life. (though this could change at any time!)

Hotel Rwanda

My God.

Watch this film. Netflix. Trailer.


A Pleasant Chat

Yesterday afternoon my work phone started ringing. The CallerID showed a tremendously long number starting with a +44, ending with INTL.

"Why on earth would somebody be calling me internationally?" I wondered.

Usually I just ignore calls when I don't recognize the number, figuring if it's important enough to warrant a phone call (over email), they'll leave a voicemail. I answered though, because it was cool that it was international.

It turned out to be Sir Orchard, calling from this tent in the English countryside, and it was midnight there:

My new HubbaHubba
(originally uploaded by dunstanorchard)

Turns out he he was giving his new tent its inaugural use, but couldn't fall asleep and decided to ring a random entry in his addressbook. What a pleasant surprise!


Cloud plume

Cloud plume
Originally uploaded by elcaseo.


Free WiFi is so frickin' cool, especially when I don't expect to find it — my Powerbook automatically connected to FlyPittsburgh when I flipped it open here at Gate B28 in PIT. Why aren't there electrical outlets anywhere though yo? This battery's certainly not gonna last through the layover *and* flight...

Listening to the new Gorillaz, which I snagged from the iTMS last night — sooo dope.

These rumors about Apple/Intel are nutty, but Markoff's usually spot-on with his stuff. Regardless of what gets announced, I'm looking forward to geeking out with the WWDC bloggers tonight.

Oh, and congrats to Ryan and Rachell! The backstory is that back in February, MacCarthy was inspired by my antics and decided to let Rachell know how he felt... apparently she was game. ;)



These had me cracking up:

"l'll never hire someone with an AOL.com address. It screams that you're at a very basic stage."

-- Peter Shankman, founder of New York City marketing firm Geek Factory, confesses to e-mail profiling [via GMSV]

"So our children are stealing music today, but very soon they’ll be stealing full-length feature films, and it’s our job to give them the infrastructure to do that..."

-- Bob Metcalfe [via HTP]

Stem Cells

"When we are healthy we have ten thousand wishes and desires, but when we are sick we only have one single wish... think about that. Nothing is going to stop stem-cell research, not the politicians, and not the religious leaders... because when people suffer and there is a potential cure it is impossible to stop the wheel from turning. When the first news arrives of being able to cure one of the diseases everyone fears, there will be a stampede towards Seoul."
He's right...