Goodbye Jot, Hello Backpack

I've been using a JotSpot wiki for a while now, to keep track of various projects, to-dos, articles to read, etc., but recently moved everything to Backpack to give it a go. Though I adore wikis, for me Backpack's speedy ajax (read: inline editing) won over JotSpot's feature-richness. Editing a page in JotSpot just took way too long, because you've gotta load the whole javascript wysiwyg thing just to do simple editing.

Then today, I broke down and upgraded to Backpack Plus — I simply needed more pages. I'd been cramming stuff into the free account's 5 pages but this morning it just got ridiculous. Congrats 37Signals — you found the freebie -> premium feature sweetspot!

(I would have opted for the Basic plan, but wanted SSL)

Don't get me wrong though, Jot definitely rocks, but it's just overkill for the way I was using it. It's an entire application platform, not a to-do tracker.

Update: Hehe. (1, 2)


  1. For what do you use Backpack?

  2. Hi Eric,

    I work at Jot. This may be moot at this point, but we've been working on addressing the issues you mention in your post. Stay tuned...

    This is just a small example of Ajax integration, and there's a lot more to come:

    Thanks for the feedback.
    - Reuben

  3. To use Jot, you don't need to load the full wysiwig editor, which as you say can be a little slow to initialize. As an alternative, you can set your user preferences so a fast-loading, simpler wysiwig editor comes up by default. Or if wysiwig editing doesn't matter to you, you can default to using a standard-issue wiki markup mode, which is faster yet.