Free WiFi is so frickin' cool, especially when I don't expect to find it — my Powerbook automatically connected to FlyPittsburgh when I flipped it open here at Gate B28 in PIT. Why aren't there electrical outlets anywhere though yo? This battery's certainly not gonna last through the layover *and* flight...

Listening to the new Gorillaz, which I snagged from the iTMS last night — sooo dope.

These rumors about Apple/Intel are nutty, but Markoff's usually spot-on with his stuff. Regardless of what gets announced, I'm looking forward to geeking out with the WWDC bloggers tonight.

Oh, and congrats to Ryan and Rachell! The backstory is that back in February, MacCarthy was inspired by my antics and decided to let Rachell know how he felt... apparently she was game. ;)

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  1. Thanks Eric. That is true... You're romantic antics were quite an encouragement. And I will add that you introduced me to Gâteau et Ganache as well... And that Rachell received the same chocolates soon after.

    And that Ottmar was also part of our special engagement day... another introduction by Eric.

    Thanks for all your help buddy!