Hotel Rwanda

My God.

Watch this film. Netflix. Trailer.


  1. This movie is great. I'm glad it was showing on the plane back from the UK because I had a hard time psyching myself up to go see it when it was in the theatres. It's hard to prepare yourself to pay to watch genocide.

  2. just netflixed it myself about a week ago. compare cheadle's character in this movie with the pyro brit in "Ocean's 11" .. great actor.

  3. I also loved Hotel Rwanda and was upset at how uneducated I was about the whole story.

    You should read: "We wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killed with our families." by Philip Gourevitch

    The book is an incredible account of the genocide and gives a lot
    of the historical context that the movie skims over.

  4. Good movie,

    But I'd really like to a see a movie that presents this tragedy properly