Much Ado about a Birthday

Presenting the Cake
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Last weekend I turned 26, and my roomie organized a surprise-thing for it. Funnier though, than the fact that I (stubbornly) wouldn't leave the house Saturday afternoon, were the various writeups and photos posted those involved:
Dom even dialed in from LebowskiFest, deep in the Santa Cruz Mountains (1, 2) — thanks all!

The best shot is clearly this one - note how much air Jerry's catching in the background:



Wil Shipley Knows What's Up

In this case, anicca:
"If there's one thing I've discovered, it's that there is no stable state in life. There is no getting somewhere and going, "Ah, *NOW* I'm going to park myself down and just rake in the fat loot." Change is scary, but it's also the foundation of life and happiness. We need it. We get bored and lazy without it."
There's more at DrunkenBlog.



Want the lowdown on RoveGate? See defective yeti.


Best. Vanity Plate. Ever.

Spotted on 280s this morning:
Update: it showed up on the Blogger Photo Scroller!

DOOD WTF on the Blogger Photo Scroller


Anarchy in Palo Alto

Snarfed, Anarchists just ain't what they used to be:
"My favorite part of the night came when a portly, bearded hippie in tie-dyed clothes walked into the middle of the street. He raised a hand-lettered PEACE sign and slowly, without a word, turned in full a circle. A few steps away, a girl in designer jeans and high heels stopped to snap his picture with her cell phone camera. The scene was quintessentially Palo Alto. It was also really, really funny."


Ludwig van

You've been listening to (and downloading) Beethoven's 9 Symphonies from the BBC, haven't you?