Ludwig van

You've been listening to (and downloading) Beethoven's 9 Symphonies from the BBC, haven't you?


  1. D@mn Straight!
    I listen to my Ludwig loud and angry, late at night when no one is looking.

  2. Eric,

    Any idea where I can get the first five symphonies from? The site had been slashdotted when they released the first three symphonies...

    Any torrent links or sites that are hosting the older MP3s?


  3. Good relax BEETHOVEN! He give me shivers and let go my mind far of here! tnx cheers x

  4. i've had all nine for years, tools of the trade...

  5. wow, i just loved your pics and your "philosophy"!!!!!!
    keep cool and in peace!!!!!

  6. hey eric!

    this is cassie — i was in a senior seminar with you are Miami — we made some crazy cd-Rom on the miami tribe? ring a bell? i hope so!

    i am somewhat cyber stalking you. i came across your name on the blogger buzz while doing research for a project at my job, and would looove to talk to you as i have a (god forbid) professional task at hand and have hit a wall. can you e-mail me at cassie.carothers@metro.us, and i will explain further? pretty please with sugar on top?

    i hope all is going well! and i hope i hear from you soon!

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  8. Eric did you about some bozos who are filing a case against BBC for relasing these symphonies free of cost?

    Crazy chaps, I tell you!