Much Ado about a Birthday

Presenting the Cake
(originally uploaded by landersen)
Last weekend I turned 26, and my roomie organized a surprise-thing for it. Funnier though, than the fact that I (stubbornly) wouldn't leave the house Saturday afternoon, were the various writeups and photos posted those involved:
Dom even dialed in from LebowskiFest, deep in the Santa Cruz Mountains (1, 2) — thanks all!

The best shot is clearly this one - note how much air Jerry's catching in the background:



  1. ah eric, isn't it great to be closer to 30 than 20? right

  2. Happy Birthday Eric! Now that your Google stock has had some time to mature, cash some out and fly me to SF to hang out.

  3. Happy belated birthday Eric, sorry I am so slow :)

  4. hehee... i'm just seeing this post. i love that I'm "The W"

    It actually crossed my mind after I signed my note to you the other night with "Willo". I was like, will he know who it is if I don't sign by what he calls me: W :)

    Hope you're having a great trip, buddy.