Reading about Computers

Buzz points to an excellent list of CS-related books, articles and web sites. I've been reading lots of this lately and been thoroughly enjoying myself. Just started Code a few nights ago.

To the list I would add Joel Spolsky's Book Reviews page, as well as Turing, a Novel about Computation, which I borrowed from SteveJ and read a few weeks ago in NH. And Joel's two books, and Paul's.


Fresh Gmail

My favorite new Gmail feature went live today — custom From: field!

This means that folks with their own domains can finally use them directly from Gmail. Some folks will be stoked:
"About the only downsides I can see have to do with my From: address always being my gmail address. If Gmail let you customize that, you could basically use Gmail as a mail server while still maintaining your domain identity."

— Matt Haughey, 4/2005
Nice work, Gmail team!


Digital Muzak

Om Malik:
"iTunes & iPod are an island of serenity amidst this UI madness. They are also the safe middle ground. Download, burn, or play on your iPod, all within seconds."


Why Wikipedia Rocks

What is Left:
"Without hesitation, I knew my charge. So, this morning, for the first time ever, I edited the Wikipedia. I just ran the changes by the Secretary herself and she approves. Phew."
(Sacca rocks too)


Goin' Dot Com

"Goin' Dot Com" at the Eureka

San Franciscans, you've still got a few days to see Goin' Dot Com! - The Musical — it's playing until August 6th at the Eureka. If you're at all involved with high tech, you'll laugh hysterically and utterly enjoy it.