Fresh Gmail

My favorite new Gmail feature went live today — custom From: field!

This means that folks with their own domains can finally use them directly from Gmail. Some folks will be stoked:
"About the only downsides I can see have to do with my From: address always being my gmail address. If Gmail let you customize that, you could basically use Gmail as a mail server while still maintaining your domain identity."

— Matt Haughey, 4/2005
Nice work, Gmail team!


  1. Oh god Oh god Oh god Oh god.


  2. This is pretty cool, but it doesn't let you have multiple "accounts" that have the same email address. This would be cool because I would like to have a custom Reply-To based on the context of the message I'm sending out.

  3. Um, holy crap. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up, holy crap.

  4. Aaaaand, yep. I'm a regular Gmail user now. That was the only thing holding me back. That and filters -- and in the last year or so, the filters have expanded enough (with forwarding, etc) to make me like pretty much everything about Gmail.

  5. I'm sorry for being lame, but how in hell do I turn this on? Is this only available if I'm using a client like Mail or Eudora to use Gmail?

  6. It's in the Settings | Accounts tab, "Send mail as" - click "Add another email address."


  7. I'm back from Ladakh.

    Like whoa.

    We should hang out soon because my mind is a little blown coming back to the States after all that. And I need to give you back your books.

  8. The from address =

    FROM: name@gmail.com on behalf of Joe Schmo [joe@schmo.com]

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  10. well, i reckon it is late to post on this thread, but whatever. today i noticed that the 'customized from addressess' feature just disappeared from my gmail account (i tried with firefox and explorer). it's back to the old days of sending mail just from youraccount@gmail.com. anybody had the same problem? more importantly, anybody know what to do about this?