Why Wikipedia Rocks

What is Left:
"Without hesitation, I knew my charge. So, this morning, for the first time ever, I edited the Wikipedia. I just ran the changes by the Secretary herself and she approves. Phew."
(Sacca rocks too)


  1. Eric my man:
    What's the good word?
    A quick thanks for my tenure on Blogs of Note...I also wanted to know if there is anything I can do for Blogger? I would love to bring my thousands of daily readers to a new project...anything in the works?
    Let me know brother,
    aka Boy Friday

  2. Eric-
    drop me an email- sarahbeck85 at yahoo dot com. I want to talk to you about New Zealand, work visas, etc.

  3. Hey Eric, cool blog. check mine out. Rants and humor with a liberal bent.



  4. I'm always amazed at Wikipedia. Google is a great tool, but it's so hard to find articles with information about something that can be sold, bought, argued about, or impeached.

  5. e - why aren't you blogging more regularly? it makes me sad. :(

    blog dammitt! BLOG!

  6. Hello Eric -

    WELCOME to Wikipedia and THANKS for your contributions!

    I am a fellow Wikipedian and hope that you will find your work there as worthwhile as I do.

    By the way, five days ago I started our InstaPLANET Satellite site here on Blogger. Please take a look.

    If you find the time to post a comment to our page, be sure to include a link-back to your blog(s).

    Thanks from all of us!

    Team InstaPLANET