No News is Good News

This is why the only TV news I watch is The Daily Show:

bad news

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A challenge, and a retort!

But sadly, Goldman didn't know to seek the Banana where Natalie and Ali so kindly help fashion-blind dudes like him...


Lasik or Intacs?

I've been wanting to get Lasik for a while, and am having a consultation about it Wednesday morning. However, I noticed a comment on the 43things goal about Intacs and it sounds way more pleasant:

-no lasers
-no corneal destruction
-inserts can be removed later on, and/or replaced with different sizes if vision has changed

Has anybody out there gotten Intacs, or heard anything good/bad about it?


Can You Hear Me, Major Tom?

Do you ever get songs stuck in your head? Right now Space Oddity's playing in mine, and it won't stop.

What song's playing nonstop in your head?


Gas prices

Gas prices, originally uploaded by jkottke

Hehe, I remember when biodiesel used to cost this much. It's going *down* in price, however.

(I'm currently paying $3/gallon in Pacifica)


A Thought

For some reason I've recently begun noticing how people (myself included) tend to react strongly to things, especially external things outside our direct control.

The thing to remember is, life is simply a series of impermanent events.

Some are pleasant, some are unpleasant.

That's all.



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Seattle, from atop the Needle

Seattle, from atop the Needle
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Grizzly Man

Grizzly Man
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Salt & Pepper shaker chess

Salt & Pepper shaker chess
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