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Audio Renaissance: Orson Scott Card's Enderverse

If you're into Sci-Fi, I can't recommend this series highly enough. In 2002 I read Ender's Game in one sitting while I was traveling in New Zealand, and found it to be, well, stunning. Recently I heard danah mention that its audiobook was incredibly well produced and worth checking out, so I gave it a listen. (She was right.)

A Wikipedia search revealed eight (!) more books, and fortunately Audible has them all. The iTMS probably does too, but they'd cost a fortune there. (Audible has $20/month, 2 books/month subscriptions, except you're stuck with their stupid DRM — at least Apple's is breakable).

When I asked danah what to listen to after Ender's Game, she pointed out that for her, the Bean quartet was more satisfying — it takes place during and immediately after Ender's Game, while the rest of the Ender quartet takes place 3000 years after the first book ends. Though I haven't gotten to the rest of the Ender series yet, I've definitely enjoyed the Bean books.

There are also some Card interviews at the end of some of the books; turns out he's a huge fan of audiobooks (vs. print and movies) because the listener's mind is entirely free to create the author's world in one's imagination — there's no focusing the eyes on words and paragraphs (or on sensory-overloaded film).

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