I Gotta Say...

... it was a Good Day.

For some reason yesterday was a really good day. I got to have lunch with Neil Gaiman, chat with John Battelle after his talk, and meet Dr. Schmidt and AmitP.

Traffic kinda sucked on the way home, but I'm in the middle of a fantastic audiobook so it was bearable. Had dinner with Natalie, and spent the evening chatting with Dom 'n Mer while Jerry and Macky had fun.


  1. Always good to have you over, mate! And good to see you writing again ;)

  2. eric - totally psyched that you have adopted my blogging techinque of linking to random things (such as song lyrics). it's fun, huh?!?

  3. Wow! I dont believe you actually met Neil Gaiman.

    Sometime back I read his entire Sandman series, followed by American Gods and am currently reading Neverwhere. Based on reviews so far, I might actually pick up Anansi Boys from the friendly neighbourhood book store.

    You lucky man!! :-))