The Importance of Post-College Travel

New York Times, A Year Abroad (or 3) as a Career Move:
Me = pack mule
"It was a few months before she was to graduate from Colgate University in 2002, but Lauren DiCioccio was not ready for the briefcase or the Brooks Brothers look. Armed with a bachelor's degree in art and art history, she did what an increasing number of college graduates are doing: she bought a plane ticket to a country she had never visited, backpacked around the region, got a job in that country and then traveled some more."

"'When I went, I was hesitant because people looked at me and were surprised that I would graduate with a degree from Colgate and take time off to work and backpack around Australia,' said Ms. DiCioccio, who picked grapes and was a short-order cook at a roadhouse in the outback. 'So when I came back and had it on my résumé, I couldn't believe all of the interviews were about my time in Australia.'"
My story is remarkably similar to hers, though my 14-month round-the-world journey wasn't nearly as... intentional.
Taking a Break
I lived with my parents after graduating and worked for ~6 months to save up cash. I spent the majority of the trip (9 months) Down Unda (though in New Zealand not Ozzie), and did some grape-planting (not picking). I also spent a few months doing Vipassana courses in NZ, Australia, Burma and Thailand.

[via Sieburg, who's currently in Indonesia]

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