This design's been feeling a tad restrictive lately, so like Mr. Sutter I'm starting with the basics and iterating live on the site. The other day at lunch he told me it took ~9 months before it felt right, so don't hold your breath.

Thus far, the top of the CSS file reads:

With inspiration and assistance from:
* Jason Sutter - jason.similarselection.org
* Chris Wetherell - massless.org
* Biz Stone - bizstone.com
* Erik Benson - erikbenson.com
* Doug Bowman - stopdesign.com
* Dominic Sagolla - dom.net
* Pete Hopkins - blog.grogmaster.com
* Textmate - macromates.com
* Camino - caminobrowser.org
* xScope - iconfactory.com/xs_home.asp
* iTunes - apple.com/itunes/
* The Postal Service - subpop.com/bands/postalservice/
* Death Cab for Cutie - deathcabforcutie.com
* Bluetech - bluetechonline.com
* The Gorillaz - gorillaz.com
* DJ Cappel & Smitty - sandboxautomatic.com/abstract/blueeyesbedstuy.html
* Over the Rhine - overtherhine.com
* Saint Etienne - saintetienne.com
* Belle and Sebastian - belleandsebastian.com


  1. It should be said that many of those 9 months were not spent working on it. ;)

  2. Good to hear. I wish Blogger had a few more design's in their back pocket, but creating your own is much more satisfying.

    I'm in the middle of a redesign myself, all of it offline. I've been working on a few for about a year and scrapped them all.

    I think the approach I'm going to take is to just finish this last one and publish, even if I'm not totally thrilled with it.

  3. One more thing, I know you used to have Flickr images on your site, and your content would be delayed from loading due to Flickr's script executing.

    If you decide to put those images back on, here is a trick to fix that.


  4. ok... nine months is not an option.
    I will not be able to read anything you post untill you tone down the blue and the black.

    But then again, I'm easily offended...

  5. I am happy to see you are using Macromates' TextMate, it is an absolutely brilliant editor! And I like the scraped look it your site has now.

    Funnily, I've been thinking about doing the same, starting from scratch, and adding presentation on the bare bones of the content. I've even setup a svn repository for it.

    Don't know when I am going to work on it though :)